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March 28th New Moon at 10' Pisces 39


March 1st GMT New Moon at 10 Pisces 39 - Some brief notes by Margaret Gray


Some of the Core themes for this New Moon:


·       Creating new empowered patterns that are no longer based on
feeling a victim or a savior

·       Reconnecting with our soul self and beyond

·       Embracing unconditional love for ourself and others

·       Engaging with our imagination and creativity

·       Remembering that we are not alone


The wider Planetary and Energetic context:

The Piscean themes of compassion and unconditional love are particularly powerful for this New Moon as it is partnered on either side by a very tight conjunction with Neptune, the god of the ocean, who was brightly woken by the Sun on Feb 24th and Chiron, the wounded healer, whom the Sun will be visiting and highlighting on March 4th . 


In making a semi-sextile to Uranus in Aries and a sextile to his current travelling companion Pluto in Capricorn, this watery New Moon introjects a softer healing heart energy into this ongoing sometimes abrasive, transformative configuration. The trine to Jupiter, who is currently busy expanding the Uranus/Pluto square, supports us in awakening us to what has true meaning in life.


The skies are particularly busy at the moment, with several planets appearing to change direction.

(In coming out of a retrograde the planetary energy in question becomes more powerful and direct, often seeking an external manifestation of its energy on a personal and collective basis. In going retrograde, it becomes more internal).

On February 28th, Mercury comes out of his retrograde motion in Aquarius bringing greater clarity to our thinking and inviting us to express ourselves more directly. Jupiter also comes out of his retrograde on March 5th. This will actively boost the expansive energy to the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, which is preparing to become a grand cross once again in April 2014, with the help of Mars in Libra. Mars goes retrograde on the same day as this Full Moon - March 1st until May 19th. Moving backwards through Libra  will enable him to form the last leg of the grand cross with Uranus/Pluto and Jupiter in April 2014. Retrograde Mars in Libra invites us to become fully aware of our motives for taking action. Are they really based on fairness and justice, or are they merely ego based? As always with Libra - the key is: balance 


Some Tools to work with this New Moon:

·       This is a particularly good time to engage with creative tools that can help us to connect with our feelings - music, art, dream journaling, singing, writing, dancing…

·       Don't hesitate to daydream!

·       Lots of compassion for self and others

·       As always during this time of change, we benefit from keeping as grounded as we can in our human body, in this human experience, wisely chosen by our soul long before we arrived.

·       Time in or by the ocean can be particularly enjoyable with this New Moon


This is a time to allow our heart to open even more. In the beautiful words of Pema Chodron

'When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it's bottomless, that it doesn't have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast, and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space.'


Who is most likely to resonate with these energies?

If your Sun, Moon or angles are between 8' and 12' Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries or Capricorn, you are likely to feel the above energies more powerfully.




The Mars Pluto conjunction at 8'Capricorn 09 on Nov 27th 2012


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Marianne Williamson


Mars Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn - A Psychological Astrology Perspective


Conjunctions = The end of the old cycle and the start of a new one


Some meanings for Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn


Mythologically and archetypally: Mars (Ares the warrior) and Pluto (Hades the ruler of the underworld) are both instinctual primitive deities. Despite both being the co-rulers of Scorpio, they inhabit different dimensions. Hence, although Mars can sometimes go underground if we repress or suppress him, he usually resides in our consciousness, unlike Pluto who tends to inhabit our unconscious realms. With a tendency to come to the surface unexpectedly and powerfully he then returns once more to the depths.


Psychologically and on a soul level:  Mars is the warrior whose primary job is to ensure our survival in human form. He alerts us when our human self is threatened in any which way, mainly through the emotion of anger which is an alert that there is something we need to attend to which is not ok. Our Mars return at age 2 is a pivotal point in the development of our Mars - if supported and lovingly contained by carers we can more easily learn to engage our Mars - our will/drive - in the constructive pursuit of goals which are in our highest interest. Pluto connects us to our inner authentic power as creators. Combined with Mars, Pluto invites us to use our power through consciously engaging with our free will.


In Capricorn - Mars and Pluto are concerned with consciously engaging our will to use our power to transform and transmute the following arenas:


Structures - both individual and collective including financial, religious, educational, health. A useful question might be: what areas of our life do we need to pay conscious attention to and change? 

Authority. Some useful questions might include: whom do we look to for answers rather than from within ourselves.
Boundaries. It may be useful to consider:  
whom are we focusing our attention on rather than on ourselves

Our roots. A helpful question may be:  are we planted firmly in the here and now on planet earth or are we avoiding incarnating in our body?

The Father Archetype. We may wish to consider: have we integrated the father archetype within or are we avoiding doing so through projecting it externally onto authority figures?  How might this inhibit our growth and development?

Our Fears. It may be helpful to ask ourselves: where and what am I most afraid of? What is that fear blocking me from being? What do I need in order to overcome it?


What is ending and what is beginning?

This Mars/Pluto conjunction represents the ending of a Mars/Pluto cycle that started with the last conjunction at 1' Capricorn on Dec. 29th 2008. Hence it may be helpful to briefly revisit that time in your life. It is also useful to notice if you have personal planets or angles in your chart close to 1' particularly in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and/or Libra. The nature of the planet and the house it is in will offer you further information on the meaning of this past conjunction for you. For example if Venus in your birth chart is at 1' Capricorn the cycle that is ending invited you to restructure your values, particularly your self value.  


With this new cycle at 8 Capricorn 09 you are will resonate more deeply with this transit if you have personal planets or angles between 4 and 11' Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and/or Libra. The waxing square of Mars to Pluto in March 2015 will offer some further information about what this cycle is about for you with the opposition in July 2015 presenting a turning point and the waning square in Nov 2015 a time of resolution in preparation for a new cycle.


This current conjunction is also within the context of the ongoing square of Pluto to Uranus in Aries and the sextile to Saturn in Scorpio as well as being one of the legs of the Yod formation with the apex Annular lunar eclipse the following day. Hence we are invited to truthfully dig within the deepest recesses of our soul on a heart, mind and physical level to rapidly release and clear old patterns and instigate new changes for our highest wellbeing.





The Sun in Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 22nd


The Sun in Sagittarius
Glyph = The Archer
Planetary Ruler = Jupiter (The Greek God Zeus)
Rules the Hips, Thighs, Liver and Gallbladder


Similarly to Zeus, who was the king of the Heavens, the 
Sun in   Sagittarius has a deep awareness and acts as a
helpful reminder to all of us, that we belong with the gods,
albeit in human form. Archetypally, the Sun in Sagittarius
 is concerned with our human need for enlightenment and
 hence easily sees meaning in everything around us. 
 Similarly to the Sun in Gemini, it blossoms with expansive
 learning and travel, struggling with restrictions of mind, body and spirit. Joy enhances the natural inspirational quality of the Sun in Sagittarius.

If the Sun in this fiery sign is unconscious, blocked or disowned it can have a tendency to live a life of endless possibilities, like the Puer Aeternus, never grounding any of them in the concrete material world. In finding and owning its own authority and wisdom, the Sun in Sagittarius learns how to skillfully engage with the complexities of the human world, embracing responsibilities and obligations, whilst retaining its innate freedom, expansiveness and joie de vivre.

If your Sun is in Sagittarius, you are likely to need a lot 
of mental and physical freedom and space. Ensuring that you spend regular time in joyful situations, removed 
from the mundane structures and restrictions of daily
 life, enables you to be at your most creative and   

With Tr Uranus trining your Sun at some point over the next 7 years, you will be invited to make important changes of an expansive innovative nature to your identity. This will include releasing all that is outworn in your vocation and your internal father archetype.




November 2012: Solar and Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde


Core Theme for this month: Clearing out old emotions and beliefs from our unconscious

   Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love
Miguel Angel Ruiz






Main planetary events for November 2012:

Nov 6th: Mercury stations Retrograde at 4 
Sagittarius 14

Nov 13th: Total Solar Eclipse at 21 Scorpio 57 + Mercury Retrograde  moves back into Scorpio

Nov 27th: Mars conj Pluto 8 Capricorn 09

Nov 28th: Annular Lunar Eclipse at 6 Gemini 47

With two eclipses in one month, a retrograde Mercury and three planets in Scorpio from November 23rd, we are indeed in the midst of major transformation.

With ample excellent information on the astrology of election day and Hurricane Sandy  I am going to focus on the internal meaning for all of us of the energies this month.

Starting with Hermes the god of communication, travel and crossroads, stationing retrograde in the sign ruled by Zeus the king of the heavens, we are invited to focus our attention on our beliefs. Some questions we might find helpful to ask ourselves at this time are : What brings me meaning in life? What beliefs is this based on? Do these beliefs truly resonate with my soul self?  In going back into Scorpio on Nov 13th, Hermes will return to his role as Psychopomp, offering us, if we so choose the potential to journey into the realm of our unconscious.







The first of two Eclipses takes place on Nov 13th. This will be a Total Solar Eclipse with the Moon's alignment  between the Earth and the Sun blocking the Sun's light from reaching us and thereby plunging us into darkness on this planet.  







In the natural  home of Hades, this Eclipse invites us to visit the underground depths of our  emotional life, 
releasing outdated emotions  that no longer serve us on our evolutionary journey  forward. Dr Brady  describes this Eclipse as  belonging to Saros Cycle 15 North: 'there is a sense of joy through commitment' . One of the main commitments we are invited to make at this time and over the next few months, is to our authentic self and our unique purpose on this planet.  You are particularly likely to resonate to this theme if you have Sun, Moon or angles within 19' - 22' Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo. (Hawaii will not get total darkness with this eclipse).







The Annular lunar  Eclipse of Nov 28th in Gemini and Sagittarius is particularly important because it is connected to all the planetary configurations in the  sky aside from Mercury. In addition, many of the planets such as Venus/Saturn and Mars/Pluto are conjunct each other,  thereby intensifying their energies. As well as creating a   powerful planetary web, this partially obfuscated Full  Moon, whose energy is expanded by its conjunction to  Jupiter, is also the apex of a Yod, also known as the 'finger of  god' or 'finger of fate', inviting us to integrate the powerful  energies of Saturn/Venus and Pluto/Mars. With the Sun as the release point of the Yod , we are reminded once more of the  importance of paying attention to our beliefs as we seek to  make changes in structures in our life aligning them with truthful and authentic values. Questions we may find useful at this time include: how can I put my core values into practice?  What action can I now choose to take to make effective changes in the structures of my life?  How can I most expand my thoughts? This eclipse is likely to resonate most powerfully for anyone whose natal Sun, Moon or angles is between 4' and 8' in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo. (This eclipse will be visible in Hawaii).


The Sun in Scorpio Oct 23rd - Nov 21st


The Sun in Scorpio Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

by Margaret Gray







Sun in Scorpio - The Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix and Snake
Rules the Genitals and Bladder
Planetary Rulers = Modern ruler = Pluto (Hades - ruler of the underworld). Traditional ruler = Mars (The warrior)

With the Sun in Scorpio we descend from the opposite visible, tangible, upper earthly world of Taurus to the invisible depth of the Hades underworld. Here we are in the Watery territory of the Jungian Feeling function. Psychologically, we are in the realms of the individual and collective unconscious. Archetypically, Scorpio teaches us that in trusting and letting go of what is safe and familiar, we re-discover the hidden treasures of our authentic Soul self. Yet, it is only by fully incarnating in our physical bodies on this planet, through the opposite earthy sign of Taurus, that we can safely descend into the underworld and discover the secrets through Scorpio of our soul and beyond.

When unconscious, blocked or disowned, the Sun in Scorpio can unconsciously seek to have power over others, rather than for others, for fear of humiliation and annihilation. At its most expansive, the Sun in Scorpio is fearless, diving to the deepest emotional depths in itself and with others, using its mediumistic skills like a scalpel, to eradicate whatever is outworn and blocking new seeds from germinating.

If your Sun is in Scorpio, the transiting Sun's light this month invites you to integrate another layer of your inner power and gifts. If your Moon is in Scorpio, the Sun's light will invite you to honor your true feelings. if your Ascendant is in Scorpio you are invited to challenge your fears and embrace your intuition and psychic abilities.

On a collective basis: on Oct 25th the Sun will make an exact conjunction to Saturn in the sky at 2' Scorpio 20 trine Neptune/Chiron and quincunx Uranus. The opportunity arises for healing and renewal. The key is our willingness to go into our own depths and face the remnants of buried fears. We no longer need to carry this baggage as we move forward. When Hercules lifted the Hydra's heads to the light they shriveled. As a collective this is an opportune time to bring to the surface our collective 'garbage' so that we can release it back to source. The key is to trust and let it go, thanking it for what we have learnt from it.











Saturn in Scorpio Oct 5th 2012


The Planetary Lead-up to Dec 21 201 - Focusing on Saturn's entry into Scorpio on Oct 5th 2012 at 8.35pm GMT

Oct 2012 - The search for Truth - 'It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life' - Joseph Campbell

Please click here for the full Blog                                               


The Full Moon in Aries Sept 29th/30th


The Full Moon in Aries - Sept 29th/30th 7'Aries 02

by Margaret Gray on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 4:35pm ·

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength
St Francis de Sales

Full Moon in Aries September 29th/30th = The Transformation of our core structures, through innovative changes in our emotions and our consciousness.

Notice how easy it would be to polarize during this time into the illusion of: Me or Us rather than Me and Us, as we momentarily lapse into the fear of aloneness and disconnection. One of the keys to assisting us at this time lies in the sign of Cancer, opposite the Tsquare apex Pluto = Unconditional love and Nurturing for self and others. This is truly a time to tread softly and gently, lest we project these rather challenging planetary energies onto those we love, in an effort to discharge our own internal conflicts.

You are likely to resonate particularly strongly with this Full Moon if your Sun, Moon or angles are between 5' and 9' of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer.


The 'Blue Moon' on Aug 31st at 8' Pisces 34


Aug 31st 2012 4.30am (HI)- 2nd Full Moon this month - (known as a 'Blue Moon') at 8' Pisces 34


This Full Moon will be particularly powerful, as it will aspect every planet in the sky, (allowing for wider orbs).

Some potential themes:
Awakening to what is 'true' for us
Integrating the 'individuated self' with our interconnectedness with all
Bringing to consciousness old wounding, with a view to understanding and healing it Releasing and/or integrating unresolved emotional issues in the most efficient effective manner

These themes are particularly pertinent if the Sun, Moon or Angles in your chart are between 6' and 10' Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius. You are also likely to resonate strongly to these themes if the Sun, Moon or Angles in your chart are between 6' and 10' Aries Scorpio or Capricorn.This is an ideal time to find some quiet alone time to journal, paint or maybe draw as our unconscious emotional life is stirred and invited to come to the surface.

With Mars visiting the underworld until October 7th, we are invited to dig beneath the surface, releasing creative energy that may be repressed and suppressed in our unconscious. Remember that the seeding moment of this full moon was on August 17th. At this time the New Moon at 25 Leo 08 brought our attention to our heart energy. Focusing on the color green which is connected to our heart chakra, can support us in keeping our heart energy open during this time.



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